A revolution has been taking place in the farsightedness – presbyopia correction

Many of us in the 50+ age group strive to maintain a healthy and active life style, we feel physically fit and go about our normal lives. But there is this nagging, this constant limitation about something we always took for granted: being able to look and focus our eyes distance and near at will, without being even aware of it. Every time we need to read, or check our phone, tablet, computer, every time we need to groom or put makeup, we hit this wall: the presbyopia wall.

Is this wall forever there, marking the passage of time in our lives?

We eye surgeons say: definitely no! The ophthalmic surgery world is, since a decade ago, living a relentless revolution in the presbyopia correction field, and this would take many pages to give an account of. Consequently, I will only mention the part I consider to be the one which proved itself the most exciting and rewarding for me as a surgeon: the premium intra ocular devices / lenses.

So, what we really do today in this field, differently to what we did a decade ago?

The principle is the same: replacing the eye’s lens with a foldable device, called an intra ocular lens. The intervention itself is of course short, non-traumatic and of rapid recovery, but this is old news. The novelty is the outstanding performance of the late generation optical machinery we collect data with, of the latest software we use to process this data, and of the late generation of lenses able to correct not only at reading and driving distances, but also at the intermediate one, as in case of computer work or shaving in the mirror.

Today the result we expect for a patient having received a late generation premium lens is to be able to use her or his eyes the same way they did it years ago, effortlessly and naturally. I myself am writing this at my computer-no glasses needed- using only my late generation intra-ocular trifocal lenses. The presbyopia wall has been torn down.

Dr. Ionel Cohn
Eye surgeon
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