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Surely you have heard of "Cataracts" or even know that patients who suffer from this condition come "cloudy" or "fuzzy". But do you really know why this defect occurs in the eye and how can we correct it in our clinic Ophthalmologist in Lanzarote? 

Take note, because we tell you details about this condition and explain how our renowned team treats it, making use of latest techniques and the most modern appliances on the island.

A waterfall is a opacity in the lens Of the eye. We will explain it to you in a simpler way of understanding (in Omega Vision we love being able to bring technical concepts, in a way that is easy for our patients to understand ... we believe that information is power).

When we see something, the light rays travel to our eye through the pupil and focus on the retina (a layer of light-sensitive cells in the back of the eye), through the natural lens we all have in our eyes

This lens, called crystalline, must be transparent, in order to focus the light properly on the retina. The condition of opacity or clouding of the lens is called Cataract.

This person will see things “Blurred”, “cloudy” and even "Less colorful". To give you an idea, it is as if you are watching all the time through fogged or dusty windshields. Undoubtedly, this problem must be solved and our team and teams are Your best option in Lanzarote.

  • Blurred vision is one of the main hallmarks of this pathology
  • The patient can see distorted images or suffer from “double vision”

Also, how the eye is very sensitive to light, the patient can:

  • Not seeing well at night
  • Need extra light to read
  • See the most opaque and even yellowish bright colors

Si have you felt any of these symptoms, it is time to review our ophthalmologists in Lanzarote, to determine if it is Cataract or not, and to take the measurements necessary on time!

The most frequent are:

  • Congenital cataract
  • Traumatic cataract
  • Age cataract

Cataract surgery, one of the most practiced in ophthalmology. Consists in replace the natural lens of the eye which has become opaque by a transparent artificial lens - intraocular lens.

This not only return vision; and is that by customizing each implanted lens, we also achieve reduce or eliminate dependence on glasses.

Preoperative visit
Visit in which we do a complete study of the eyes to determine the best technique for the intervention and the type of intraocular lens that would give the patient the best quality of vision. All doubts are clarified and the pre and post operative treatment guidelines are given.

It is a procedure that in our hands is usually of short duration (7-10 minutes), usually painless.

Know that:
- Anesthesia is performed with drops
- It does not require income.
- The patient will have to follow a treatment regimen with drops at home and will be summoned for the necessary check-ups until discharge.

The postoperative
Recovery is usually quick and soon you can live a normal life. You will have to follow the instructions of our ophthalmologists, for postoperative treatment with drops. It is very important to follow them correctly.

Goodbye to the Falls, without leaving Lanzarote

Our ophthalmologists and the entire Omega Vision team are waiting for you to thoroughly know your case and thus be able to say goodbye to the Falls, by the hand of a renowned medical team. 

Our ophthalmologists and modern facilities (which include own operating room), are at your disposal Without leaving the island! See you on Omega Vision?

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