Macular Degeneration - an enemy to the defense

One of the most frustrating effects for both patients and their ophthalmologists was - until a few years ago - age-related macular degeneration (AMD), since once diagnosed there was no effective solution to safeguard the eyesight.
It is a disease with no little penetration in the general population that basically destroys the central part of the retina (which we anatomically call “macula”) so that patients lose the ability to read or see the faces of others - both manifestations very difficult to cope with psychologically, especially since it usually affects both eyes.
Recently, thanks to medical research and pharmacological bioengineering, we have increasingly powerful methods for diagnosis and treatment.
What is important to know:
-The DMRE - as its name implies, it usually appears after a certain age (usually from 50).
-It is easily inherited and the propensity to suffer it can be detected long before it manifests symptomatically and alters the patient's vision.
-Toxic habits (especially tobacco) significantly worsen their evolution.
-Prevention, through ophthalmological monitoring when family history is known, can save your eyesight.

The image is a simulation of the evolution of a DMRE

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