Ophthalmological Review in Lanzarote

Ophthalmological review

In Omega Vision we strive to make the visit of our patients to the Clinic, the best possible experience.

Therefore, we have created this section: to explain to those who are interested in our services How is the first consultation in Omega Vision Clinic?What exams did we do on that first visit? What other tests could we request? and in general, better explain our processes.

We want that when they arrive at our modern Ophthalmology Clinic in Lanzarote, they feel like at home: comfortable and sure of having taken The best decision for your visual health.

Information to take into account for your visit to the Ophthalmologist

When you come to the Ophthalmological Review in Omega Vision:

  • If you take glasses, you must bring them. 
  • If you take contact lenses It is advisable to stop using them 1 week before.
  • Adults: we will examine the fundus, so your pupils will dilate. You should know that: it will be difficult to drive, read / write in 6-8 hours later.
  • Boy's: in the case of children, the consultation can last an hour or more. Children also have a dilated pupil and the effect of blurring may persist until the next day or even longer. It is within normal range and therefore is not a cause for concern.
  • We will make your medical history
  • We will test for: visual acuity, binocular function, intraocular pressure, ocular motility, pupillary reflexes.
  • We will make a detailed examination of the anterior segment: conjunctiva, cornea, sclera, anterior chamber and crystalline
  • We will also perform a complete examination of the fundus: vitreous, central retina (Macula), peripheral retina, optic nerve
  • Scheimpflug topography of the anterior segment
  • Corneal pachymetry
  • Optical coherence tomography
  • Optical biometry
  • Color test
  • Tear rupture test
  • Schirmer tear secretion test
  • Lacrimal tract washing

Are you coming to live the Omega Vision experience in Lanzarote?

¡Contact us for a first visit, your beautiful eyes will thank you!

Our ophthalmologists and all our team, await you in Omega Vision, with all the latest technology and facilities, to offer you the Best solution to your visual problem.

After an initial diagnosis, we will explain to you in detail if we have detected any pathology that needs to be treated or if we are simply waiting for you within a year, for your annual review with the ophthalmologist ... basis of excellent visual health: prevention.

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Omega Vision Lanzarote Ophthalmology Clinic

Omega Vision Ophthalmology Clinic

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