Refractive defects in Lanzarote

Refractive Defects

There are several refractive vision defects that affect a large part of the population. The important is to detect it, to know each case and with all this information, our specialists will offer solutions offer

Laser operation, intraocular lenses, use of glasses? We analyze each case!

Not everyone needs surgery and not everyone is an ideal candidate to wear glasses. So, our recommendation is that if you read this, you identify yourself with some of the symptoms mentioned, make an appointment and put your precious eyes in our hands. 

We will help you to make your visual acuity problems don't be a burden in your day to day And we offer you the solution that adapts to your physiognomy and needs.

Refractive vision defects and how we treat them in our Ophthalmology Clinic in Lanzarote

Possibly one of the most known and common refractive defects is myopia. When a patient is nearsighted, cannot see distant objects well or perceive them as blurry.

We tell you a little more about this pathology, which we frequently attend in our Ophthalmological Clinic in Lanzarote and what are the solutions we offer in Omega Vision.

Myopia is because the image is focused in front of the retina, when it is right to focus on the retina. The cause of this refractive vision problem is associated with a long eyeball which does not allow light rays to focus on the point where they should.

The main symptom associated with this refractive defect is the blurred vision when observing distant objects. This can lead to side effects such as: Eye fatigue and its consequent headaches

In Omega Vision you will find a solution to your myopia or that of your little one. After a custom study of your vision, we will offer you a adapted treatment plan to your reality

  • Use of glasses corrective
  • Operations Laser to definitively correct myopia, in cases where this is the recommended method
  • Intraocular lenses phakic
  • It is not necessarily hereditary (This is an important factor, but it is not the only one). For example: if 2 parents are nearsighted, their child is more likely to be, but it is not an exact mathematical rule. 
  • Recent studies reveal that the excessive use of screens (tablets, smartphones), as well as the little time children spend playing outdoors, are increasing cases of myopia in children.

This refractive defect, which also leads to lack of visual acuity, It is another of the pathologies that we see every day in our Ophthalmological Clinic in Lanzarote.

Contrary to what we explained to you about Myopia, Hypermetropia occurs when the eye is shorter than usual (It can also be caused by a very flat cornea).

A Hypermetrope, will have difficulty focusing on nearby objects.

Yes, this refractive defect has a solution. After an appointment with our ophthalmologists in Lanzarote, we will know your degree of Hypermetropia and we will offer you adapted solutions to your needs

  • Use of glasses corrective
  • Operations Laser to definitively correct Hypermetropia, in cases where this is the recommended method
  • Intraocular lenses phakic

Maybe you didn't know this interesting fact: we are all born hypermetropics. Yes, and as our organs develop and grow, the eye also develops.

This anomaly of the eye, can make our patients with Astigmatism, see the slightly deformed images and blurry while they can see the outline of objects unclear.

This refractive defect is due to a irregularity in the curvature of the cornea, which causes the light to project at various points in the retina

Patients can feel headaches constants due to the visual fatigue caused by Astigmatism. In addition: they can squint to see better.

Of course. And in Omega Vision you will find it. Our team of ophthalmologists in Lanzarote will propose the best solution for you.

  • Use of glasses corrective
  • Operations Laser to definitely correct Astigmatism
  •  Intraocular lenses phakic

This distorted vision can occur with near or far objects.

Refractive defects in children Are they treated in Omega Vision?

Yes, in Omega Vision we have extensive experience treating these visual pathologies in children.

Childhood pathology includes a range of pathologies, whose main approach is aimed at avoid bad visual development as the "Lazy Eye" (Amblyopia) and functional alterations such as depth perception, myopia, astigmatism and treatment of ocular deviations.

It is important to be able detect on time any visual defect of the kids, to be able to correct it at the moment, preventing your defect from getting worse and that this brings consequences not only in your vision but in your daily activities and performance.

Did you know that half of the children in Spain could have an undiagnosed and therefore not corrected visual defect?

Do not join these worrisome statistics. We invite you to Bring your child to our Ophthalmology Clinic in Lanzarote for a general review, thus being able to detect any infant refractive defect

A real case: benefits of Phakic Intraocular Lenses

Learn the story of David, a patient operated on Omega Vision by the Dr. Enrique Aguado

See you in Lanzarote?

Remember according to the diopter of the patient and other data that we will obtain from study carried out by our team Of ophthalmologists in Lanzarote, we will proceed to correct the refractive defect with one or the other option. 

Our ophthalmologists and the entire Omega Vision team are waiting for you to take this first exam and thus be able to take care of your eyes in our modern facilities (and if you are surgery candidate, take care and treat you in our own operating room).

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