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Retinopathies What are they?

First you should know that the Retina is a membrane inside the eye, sensitive to light, that receives light impressions that it transmits to our brain. 

When we talk about "Retinopathies," we mean any non-inflammatory disease that may affect the retina. Therefore, it is not a single pathology, but a series of different conditions. 

Below we tell you more details about the Retinopathies that we attend in our Ophthalmological Clinic in Lanzarote.

This type of Retinopathy is associated with a macular degeneration, which usually increases over the years. Besides the edadThere other risk factors as: hereditary, smoking, diet low in antioxidants, zinc and vitamins.

  • It is a type of Retinopathy that affects “the Macula”
  • The Macula is a part of the Retina, located in the central part of the membrane, which occupies about 5 to 6mm.

One of the functions of the Macula is to make the eye see the details clearly. Therefore, when this area of ​​the Retina is affected, symptoms such as:

  • Inability of the patient for sharply see objects and colors.
  • Blurred vision when reading letters and numbers
  • The patient can see the straight lines, "deformed"
  • Loss of central vision (details are blurred), although at the level of peripheral vision the patient does not lose visual acuity.

It is important to highlight that this pathology can be detected in our Ophthalmological Clinic in Lanzarote before the patient suffers from symptoms of having a Maculopathy. This scenario (the early detection) is the best, to avoid progressive loss of vision, which can reach 80-90% in cases where the problem is not tackled in time.

  • Antiangiogenic Therapy

Once our ophthalmologists, after a complete analysis In this case, understand the type of Maculopathy that the patient suffers (wet or dry), they will propose the most appropriate treatment, to avoid loss of vision of the patient.

In Omega Vision we offer diagnosis, control and treatment of the most prevalent maculopathies. As well as the monitoring and education of patients with AMD, whether it is exudative or dry.

This pathology requires close monitoring and treatment changes adjusted to each stage of the illness.

  • You should know that Maculopathies is the main cause of vision loss, in people over 60 years.
  • You may also be interested in knowing this fact: Maculopathies they affect almost 30% of people over 75 years old.

One of the consequences that diabetes and high sugar levels can have is the damage to the blood vessels that go to the Retina. This can cause a type of Retinopathy, which if not detected and treated in time, can lead to loss of vision. In these cases, the difference makes an early diagnosis.

And is that Diabetic Retinopathy is the leading cause of preventable blindness in the world. Strict metabolic control, early treatment and annual monitoring are pillars for the good health of the patient and his vision.

As they explain to us in the American Academy of Ophtalmology, in diabetic people, “the blood vessels that go to the retina can swell and leak fluid. They can also close and prevent blood from flowing. Sometimes, new abnormal blood vessels are generated in the retina. All these changes can make you lose vision"

At first, can be asymptomatic; but as advances this pathology become evident: eye pain, progressive loss of vision, which will be greatly impaired, since the image sent to the brain by the retina, becomes blurred.

Once again, we insist on the importance of early detection of this type of Retinopathy; therefore, we urge patients with diabetes never to neglect their visual health and we recommend annual visits (at least) to our Ophthalmology Clinic in Lanzarote. In this way, our medical team can stop on time any problem in the eye, generated by high sugar levels.

In this type of pathology, prevention is essential, to prevent sugar levels from continuing to affect the health of the eye. 

So part of the treatment will be ensure control of sugar levels of the patient (through special diets, medications, controls ...)

In addition, there are solutions that, depending on the case, would add to prevention. We talk about surgeries that our Ophthalmologists in Lanzarote can recommend, depending on the type of patient:

  • Laser surgery to seal the blood vessels
  • Vitrectomy
  • 90% of the vision loss can be avoided, with a diagnosis and early treatment.
  • Of every 3 patients with diabetes, 2 go to consultation very late, resulting in significant negative consequences to your visual health.

Understand Retinopathies better

We share this explanation from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, about how the eye works, the Retina and the Macula

See you in Lanzarote?

Thinking about your visual health, it is essential - especially in people who they approach 60- that you make an annual visit to your Ophthalmologist in Lanzarote, in order to detect any pathology in time, including any Retinopathy.

Our ophthalmologists and the entire Omega Vision team are waiting for you to your annual review and thus be able to offer you timely solutions, seeking to avoid important problems for your vision.

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