Tired Vista and Presbyopia Treatment in Lanzarote

Tired View

At the age of 40-45, are you noticing that you blur the nearby objects? In our Ophthalmological Clinic in Lanzarote you will find solutions. Get all the information here. Is this Presbyopia?

Don't worry, it's a natural physiological process and the good news is that we offer you customized solutions, with cutting-edge technology 

Then we clarify your doubts and tell you how we solve the cases of Presbyopia in our Ophthalmology Clinic in Lanzarote.

This pathology is part of natural eye aging process. The part affected by this natural deterioration over time, is the Crystalline, which until then was elastic and allowed to focus closely. 

If you wonder why the crystalline loses elasticity?, we tell you that the translucent wrap that covers it is getting thicker and for that reason it is losing its elastic capacity. 

As a consequence of this process, the patient with Presbyopia goes losing, progressively, its ability to focus nearby objects. That is to say, that each time you will have to move your smatphone or book a little further - for example - to get to see what you read before without effort

The good news is that in Omega Vision in Lanzarote, you find the solution: Presbyopic Surgery without leaving the island! This intervention is quick and masterfully performed by our surgeon, the Dr. Enrique Aguado. 

Thanks to his extensive experience in this technique and thousands of successful interventions under his belt (to treat “Early” and “Delayed” Presbyopia), you can be sure of having chosen the best option, without having to leave Lanzarote.

Who can take this step and get rid of the glasses forever (in addition to the feeling of turning years that always accompanies the Tired Vista)?

Although the group of possible candidates is broad, yes there are a number of requirements that need to be taken into account.

  1. First, it is necessary be over 55 years old, except those patients suffering from falls before that age, they can go through the operation while solving the Waterfall.
  2. Second, as Dr. Enrique Aguado points out, “the preoperative study, which takes a while and is essential for the success of such an intervention. ”

Preoperative visit
In the Omega Vision Clinic we do a detailed preliminary study to see what the needs of each person are: these are not the same for a professional driver as for a housewife or a person who works many hours in front of the computer. 

Several factors must also be taken into account, such as the presence of Astigmatism that has to be corrected in the same intervention.

The previous study decides the type of intraocular lens appropriate to each case, which will provide the patient with a significant improvement in their quality of life. And is that being able to watch without glasses both television, mobile, tablet or perform daily activities without the obligation to wear glasses, will undoubtedly be a before and after in the life of the patient.

It is a procedure that in our hands is usually of short duration (7-10 minutes).

Know that:
- It is a generally painless intervention (anesthesia is performed with drops)
- It does not require income.
- The patient will have to follow a treatment regimen with drops at home and will be summoned for the necessary check-ups until discharge.

The postoperative
Recovery is usually quick and soon you can live a normal life. You will have to follow the ophthalmologist's instructions for postoperative treatment with drops. It is very important to follow them correctly.

Our surgeon, Dr. Enrique Aguado, has more than 30 years of experience in the sector and thousands of successful operations. They will be safe in your hands.

Say goodbye to your glasses to see up close without leaving Lanzarote!

If you choose us to say goodbye to your dependence on glasses!, You can have the peace of mind of having the security that only a team of ophthalmologists of great professional quality offers you; who count on Omega Vision, with all the state-of-the-art technology and facilities, to offer you the best solution to your visual problem

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